I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be sharing a lot of new learning about memoir writing success at the FREE National Association of Memoir Writers Telesummit on Friday, October 15. One of the people I’ll be talking with that day is Hyla Molander, who’s going to tell us all about her amazing experiences with a new on-line publishing method called Scribd.

The thing is–these days publishers and agents want you to approach them not only with a manuscript, a query, and in many cases a proposal, but they want you to have already established an eager passionate audience for your work. Wow! That’s asking a lot from people who tend to prefer quietly writing at their computer!

The good news is that technology is transforming the publishing industry rapidly, and every week there seems to be a new tool out there that makes getting networked easier.

I am looking forward to talking with Hyla, and hearing about how she managed to get 12,000 views for her memoir Drop Dead Life on Scribd in a short time. Please join me for what will be a fun and creative conversation. I met Hyla and her daughter at the Capitol City Young Writers conference in July. They were both gently promoting Hyla’s book and thinking about where to connect with readers. They had been inspired that day by Jane Friedman–her workshop about connecting and creatively networking got many of us eager to jump into the world of writing, publishing, and sharing our work.

Join the online conversations in the social media, be creative, and write your memoir in chapters that can be uploaded onto your blog or published on the net so you can create that all important buzz. Success on the web is what it’s all about now.
I’m thinking of uploading to Scribd too. Check it out.