After the Memoir says “The End” Platform & Your Publishing Paths | Free Discussion with Brooke Warner


I love helping writers find information that helps them become an author, and this week, the Free Roundtable Discussion at the National Association of Writers is going to be invaluable. Sign up by clicking the link above!

October 11, 2012

4 PM PDT   5 PM MDT   6 PM  CDT  7 PM EDT

Brooke Warner, former Executive editor at Seal Press will talk with us about the three choices you have for publishing. In her new book What’s Your Book? Brooke outlines the three paths you need to choose as you consider how to be published: Agents Way; Publishers Row; and Self-Publishing Boulevard.

Brooke is going to discuss in depth the many layers of decision making that are involved in deciding how to become published. As you all know, the publishing world is changing week by week! This three choice model makes it easier for authors to understand how to make informed decisions. You need to know why you might choose your path, and how to manage these important career choices. Your mind-set, goals, and dreams will help determine what fork in thepublishing  road you want to take.

One of the important things Brooke writes about in her book, and we’ll talk about it on the Roundtable, is building platform—which means understanding your audience and your marketing plan–the best ways to get your book out to readers. Platform is important no matter what path to publishing you choose, and you can begin simply and long before your book is done.

More about platform:

  1. You need some kind of blog, with regular posts that cover the themes of your book.
  2. A presence on Facebook—at the minimum. You can begin with just your friends.
  3. Presence on Twitter is recommended—sign up for the free audio to learn more about why.
  4. Add other social media that you enjoy/or are learning to use.
  5. Create a list of ideas for  how and to whom you will market your book.
  6. It’s important to understand the role the author plays in today’s world of publishing.

Many writers stress about these things—platform and publishing—but there are simple ways to make all this work and ways you can enjoy the process. Join us to learn more about how you can be a successful author.

Brooke will be offering a special promotion on this call. Listeners will have an opportunity to win a copy of her new book, What’s Your Book?, in which she details common challenges writers must face on their writing journey; how to build an author platform; a roadmap to getting published; and much more. I have read her book, and though I have had several books published already, and am still building platform, I learned so many new techniques and tips that will help me continue to grow as an author.

Go to this link to sign up for this dynamic and informative free discussion, and have a chance to win a copy of Brooke’s book!

See you at the Roundtable!