Breaking Ground on Your Story


 flowerpotFree Webinar! The 3 Building Blocks You Need to Write Your Memoir

February 25 at 4pm PT/5pm MT/6pm CT/7pm ET

Memoir writers need support both to write their truths and memories, as well as with how to begin and how to craft their story. In this free webinar, Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner, coaches in the Write Your Memoir in 6 Months program, explore the building blocks you need to get started and build out your memoir into a full book.

 Join us to learn how to:

1. Sketch out the main ideas of your memoir—and why you are writing it.

2. Identify the themes in your memoir—and the universal message.

3. Figure out the most important craft decisions you need to make when writing your memoir.




 Brooke-Linda-mashup Brooke Warner and Linda Joy Myers

Brooke Warner is the founder of Warner Coaching Inc. and the publisher of She Writes Press, a new hybrid publishing option for women writers. Brooke is passionate about books and helping writers finish their books AND get published. Brooke has been in the publishing industry for thirteen years, including seven-and-a-half years as the Executive Editor of Seal Press. She’s the author of What’s Your Book? A Step-by-Step Guide to Get You from Idea to Published Author (She Writes Press, 2012), a project she completed in six months.

Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D., MFT, is the President and founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers, Instructor at Writers Digest,and Huffington Post Blogger.Linda is the author of The Power of Memoir—How to Write Your Healing Story, Becoming Whole, and the award-winning memoir Don’t Call Me Mother, which won the BAPIA Gold Medal prize. Her workbook Journey of Memoir was published by She Writes Press. Linda has won prizes for fiction, memoir, and poetry. She offers workshops nationally, and offers memoir coaching, manuscript evaluation, and speaks on truth in memoir, writing a family memoir, healing through memoir writing, and how to begin–and finish–your memoir.

FREE WEBINAR | Kickstart your Memoir




Kickstart Your Memoir (Monday, Sept 9, 4pm PT/ 7pm ET)


All you writers know that encountering—not just writing—your memoir is a challenging business. I talk with a lot of writers who are eager to get started, and who are vibrating with the passion to get their story written, but they get stuck. Sometimes they get stuck before they have actually started! Others lose energy in what I call The Muddy Middle.

Brooke Warner and I, who have partnered for the Write Your Memoir in Six Months workshop, are offering free and short courses to help memoir writers get started, and/or revive their energy with a combination of inspiration and craft solutions to these kinds of memoir problems.



During this hour long presentation—a lively conversation of sharing knowledge as memoir experts, we will cover these topics, and also tell you about some short courses this fall that can give your memoir writing a great shot in the arm!

  • Common reasons writers abandon their memoirs and how to get your groove back
  • Strategies for how you can prioritize your writing and keep moving to “The End”!
  • Ways to confront what’s holding you back and techniques to help you find your voice and passion again
  • How to reconnect to the heart of your story and what moves you to write your story
  • How to assess what you don’t know that you need to know to write your memoir
  • 5 secrets for getting your memoir past the muddy middle

Get started with a memoir you’ve been meaning to write, or deepen your motivation to get your memoir done. Wherever you are, a webinar can give you the shot in the arm you need to move ahead with your story.


LINDA JOY MYERS, President of the National Association of Memoir Writers, is the author of Don’t Call Me Mother—A Daughter’s Journey from Abandonment to Forgiveness; The Power of Memoir—How to Write Your Healing Story, and Journey of Memoir: The Three Stages of Memoir Writing. She co-teaches the program Write your Memoir in Six Months with Brooke Warner, coaches writers, and offers teleseminars through NAMW.  

BROOKE WARNER is the founder of Warner Coaching Inc. and the publisher of SHE WRITES PRESS. As a Certified Coach, she has guided over a thousand authors from concept to publication–both in traditional publishing and self-publishing. She is the author of What’s Your Book? A Step-by-Step Guide to Get You from Inspiration to Published Author.