Ask an Expert About Agents, Editing, and all things Writerly

One of the perks of the writing life is getting to meet other people in the writing world, people who seem to float in the refined atmosphere of writer’s magazines or who wear a nametag that says “editor” or “author,” but really we are all together in the dance of words. We all try to find our way to offer the world something that resonates, helping writers and ourselves coalesce images and sensations, memories and sentences into stories.

Chuck Sambuchino is a wealth of information, and he is passionate about sharing it. He is an editor at Writers Digest, and the author of a just released humorous book How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack—we’ll have to ask him more about that—and an avowed addict of chocolate chip cookies. Does he sound human or what?

His book and blog Guide to Literary Agents helps authors in the always dramatic search for an agent, and is an important resource for our libraries.
Chuck has been around the literary and writing world for a long time, and will be at our beck and call for an hour at the National Association of Memoir Writers monthly member teleseminar on Friday, November 19.I’m sure you have questions for Chuck, and you can post them here. I will make sure he answers your questions, time permitting. So start now to think about how Chuck can help you with your writing life.