6 Things Conscious Writers Need to Know About Memoir Writing



I’ m so pleased to be a guest with Julia McCutcheon as a guest presenter May 8, 2014 International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers.

We are going to talk about how to become a conscious writer, and the ways that memoir can be transformational journey.

Are you writing a memoir? Prepare for an amazing and inspiring journey into your legacies and soul journey.                         

Memoir writing draws on all aspects of who we are— body, mind and soul. We are challenged to dig deep, to remember, and once again inhabit the skin of who we were and what we have learned. Writing a memoir is an act of testimony, witnessing, healing. When you write a memoir, you draw upon layers of your consciousness and discover your true nature, your essential self, and are transformed by the process.

For every journey into the unknown you need guides and skills—and a little magic—to make the discoveries that will enhance your life. In memoir writing these skills are guiding principles that help you create a great story.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How to find the turning points that illuminate the themes of your memoir.
  • How to create scenes that bring your story alive—and why you need scenes.
  • What the various narrators do in your story to manage time and guide the reader.
  • Find the themes that will hook your reader into turning the pages.
  • How writing your authentic truths will free you from the past.
  • That memoir is a path of transformation and healing—for you and your readers.