Write Your Memoir Now—Retreat in Connecticut

A Special Opportunity for Memoir Writers

Do you want to write a memoir? Maybe you have already begun the amazing journey of  transforming the pivotal stories in your life into a story. Writing to share your life lessons for others to benefit from your experience is a wonderful goal. Your story can help others gain perspective, not only of your story, but within their own lives. This is why I think memoir is so popular now: people are eager to learn from others who have traveled through life’s paths—whether thriving in success or overcoming the challenges of hard times. And readership for memoir is greater than ever.

You can reach out to others by sharing your story and create community through writing. As the publishing world transforms, we’re offered many new choices for how to share our stories with the world, from e-books to traditional publishing, and options in between.

Memoir goes beyond journaling, using the tools of fiction to create a world true to your life and what you’ve learned, and story that offers hope and insight to others. A memoir draws upon all aspects of who you are and explores the meaning of your life. It goes beyond fact, to how you understand yourself and your life.

As most of you know who receive this newsletter, six years ago I started the National Association of Memoir Writers because I felt that memoir was an important genre. I saw that memoir writers had specific needs in order to nurture their craft. When they begin, writers need to decide how to access and manage a lifetime of memories. And memoir writers need support, accountability and a safe writing community where they can see their stories take shape.

My first Annual National Association of Memoir Writers Retreat, this October in Connecticut, offers that safe community along with the support and expertise of three accomplished memoir writers and teachers. Check the retreat website for more details about program.

Join me, Judy Mandel and Jerry Waxler

Judy Mandel is the author of Replacement Child, a memoir that explores family and memory. Her memoir features a plane crash that happened before she was born, which killed one sister and gravely injured another. She faced the responsibility of truthfully telling her family’s story while exploring the depths of her own truth. At the retreat, Judy will talk about how to begin your memoir, finding your structure and your voice, and the themes of memory and truth.

Jerry Waxler, author of Memoir Revolution, presents reviews of memoirs on his blog Memory Writers Network. He will talk about structure, theme and the magic of story at the retreat. In his study of hundreds of memoirs, he tries to answer the question: how do you structure memories to turn them into a story? In this retreat, he will share some of the secrets he has learned about the internal and external journey, and the arc of character that’s necessary for a good memoir.

Linda Joy Myers, author of The Power of Memoir, Journey of Memoir and Don’t Call Me Mother is passionate about helping memoirists develop their idea for a story into a first draft that can be developed into a book. A therapist for the last 35 years, Linda brings her experience with healing and transformation to memoir writing, and is an expert at helping groups of writers deepen into the truths of their story. Her new book Breaking the Silence will focus on ways the inner critic and shame get in the way of writing and how to break through to having a full voice. Linda Joy will teach how to begin your memoir, confront the  silences within, and how to use craft to support your forward progress.

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Please join us for this special opportunity immerse yourself in your memoir for three days.

You’ll be supported by Judy, Linda, and Jerry to explore the territory of your memoir, and learn new techniques to help you get your work to a final draft.



  • Three private consultations—one each with Judy Mandel, Jerry Waxler, and Linda Joy Myers— about your memoir. Learn from all three presenters in a private coaching session. $300 value.
  • Handout packet of information and resources to draw from after the conference.
  • Drawings to win a free year-long membership to all the benefits of being a member of the National Association of Memoir Writers. $149.00 value.
  • A post conference group call and Facebook private group to support your ongoing work.
We will meet in workshops, one-on-one mentoring sessions with all three presenters, and in informal gatherings. Each workshop offers supportive guidance and feedback to help you develop the vision and structure of your memoir. You will leave with many new vignettes, and new friends that can be part of your memoir journey in the future.

Information about the weekend schedule and travel plan options are on the Write Your Memoir Now website.
Remember our motto at the National Association of Memoir Writers: Be Brave—Write Your Story! Hope to see you there!