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Join the National Association of Memoir Writers

Are you writing a memoir? At my other site—The National Association of Memoir Writers—you can find a wealth of support, resources, and a community of memoir writers. Through the benefits at NAMW, you will learn how to begin and develop your stories into a publishable memoir, whether in essay form, a book, a family legacy, or a blog. You receive three free e-Books about craft, access to over 120 audios with experts in writing, marketing, publishing, and access to the Member-Only teleseminars live on the phone each month. At these live events, you can ask questions about your own work and get advice!

Free Roundtable Discussions

Each month we offer a  Roundtable discussion Free to all –and we invite you to join us –and tell your friends! Check the website for that month’s new Roundtable discussion where you can sign up for the free audio to listen to even if you can’t be on the teleseminar live.

 Memoir writing is my passion. I have taught memoir writing for over 15 years, and have written three books on memoir writing. My memoir Don’t Call Me Mother won the Gold Medal prize through the Bay Area Independent Book Association. The Power of Memoir is an 8-step course in memoir writing in book form!

The Free Memoir Telesummits

Twice a year, the National Association of Memoir Writers offers a day-long teleconference with experts in publishing, marketing, writing, and editing. These have been very popular—offering a free audio of the conference for just signing up.


Save the date!

The Spring 2014 Telesummit is May 9! Guests include Sue William Silverman, Martha Alderson, and John Kremer


Our last free Telesummit:






Fall 2013 Telesummit guests include

Amy Friedman

Writing Without a Net

10:00 AM PDT  11:00 AM MDT  12 PM CDT  1 PM  EDT


Brian Felsen, president of Book Baby


11:15 AM PDT  12:15 PM MDT  1:15 PM CDT  2:15 PM  EDT


Jordan Rosenfeld

How to Use the Hallmark of Great Fiction Writing—the Scene—in Memoir

12:30 PDT  1:30 MDT  2:30 CDT 3:30 EDT


Howard Van Es

Cashing in with Kindle

1:45 PDT 2:45 MDT  3:45 CDT  4:45 EDT