TW523.1      The Power of Memoir
Linda Joy Myers

You’ll learn an 8-step plan to create your own memoir, experiment with writing exercises that will demonstrate how writing your truth and shaping your narrative can propel you toward life-changing discoveries, and learn lots of tips, techniques and tools for your own personal or group work.

REQUIRED TEXT: The Power of Memoir: How to Write Your Healing Story, available from or from your local bookstore.

Linda Joy Myers, Ph. D., author of The Power of Memoir; Don’t Call Me Mother; and Becoming Whole: Writing Your Healing Story, has been a therapist in Berkeley, CA for nearly 30 years. Dr. Myers combines her background in art, clinical work, and creative writing (MFA, Mills College) to offer unique memoir-as-healing workshops and trainings in the Bay Area and nationally. She is the founder/owner of Memories & Memoirs and the International Association of Memoir Writers, a former president of the California Writers Club, Marin branch, and is on the board of Story Circle Network.