Journey of Memoir | The Three Stages of Memoir Writing

Journey of Memoir–The Three Stages of Memoir Writing is a workshop in a book. If you are writing a memoir, you know that you have begun a journey that begins with flickering memories and moments and develops into powerful stories that make your readers enter a world they never knew before your story brought them there.

The memoir writers I work with struggle with how to begin–Stage One. How to develop their story–Stage Two. And what to do with it once they have finished the first draft–Stage Three.

What stage are you right now with your memoir?



Praise for Journey of Memoir

Memoir guru Linda Joy Myers packs a lot into this useful manual. This is more than a workbook full of exercises and prompts (although it has lots of them!). It’s a guide from a veteran who understands the complexity of the memoir journey, and an anchor that will keep you on track if ever you start to lose sight of your inspiration or end goal. If you’re writing a memoir, this workbook will become your new best friend.

–Brooke Warner, author of What’s Your Book?


It’s about time someone wrote a real guide for memoirists of all levels. A must-read for anyone who has ever wanted to write their life story but didn’t know where to begin. Concise, simple and highly effective.

–Oksana Marafioti, author of American Gypsy


Having Journey of Memoir on your desk is like having a virtual writing partner at your side to offer encouragement whenever you need it. This helpful workbook is crammed with practical advice, though provoking questions, resources, and space to jot down ideas. Linda Joy Myers has created a toolkit any writer can use to successfully write, refine, and publish a memoir. I only wish I had had it when I was writing mine.

    –Eleanor Vincent, author of Swimming with Maya: A Mother’s Story


This volume has succinct answers to every question a memoir writer might ask, covering every topic from concept and initial purpose to publishing and promotion.

–Sharon Lippincott, The Heart and Craft of Story


In Journey of Memoir, Linda Joy Myers draws from her deep pool of understanding and decades of experience with the process of memoir writing.  The coaching found in this book is perfectly designed to help the aspiring memoirist get stories out of her head and onto the page.  An invaluable resource wrought with practicality, sensitivity, and insight, the perfect next step from Myers’ Power of Memoir or as a stand-alone workbook.

–Betsy Graziani Fasbinder, author of Fire & Water 


Myers has written the definitive guide on how to transform your life journey into a powerful, well-structured, memorable story that will touch readers. For the beginner or the seasoned writer, The Journey of Memoir Workbook is destined to become a classic.

–Jordan E. Rosenfeld, author Make a Scene: Crafting a Powerful Story One Scene at a Time