When I think of inspiration, or what inspires me, I’m immediately launched into a threshold place that’s a click away from the “regular” world of solid objects. I enter a numinous place of possibilities that I can’t see or know yet—a place of openness to the world, to synchronicities and layers of meaning that wink at me, yet remain mysterious.

This to me is the world of creativity, an invitation to the dance, to hear the inner music, and even to wrestle with old ghosts.

For that is what we do when we write—we explore our true selves and wrestle with shadow elements that are woven into our story—because we are human. No human journey is complete without these encounters with dark and light, joy and sorrow, plenty and loss.

In my memoir group, this is what we do—laugh, cry—mostly laugh—as we unzip the lost past and walk in its shoes once more. We become shape-shifters in a way, taking on and putting off old identities, beliefs, and desires.

Today, June 13, Mark Matousek and I will discuss these worlds of inspiration and craft on a FREE call through the National Association of Memoir Writers. Please join us for a lively discussion as Mark and I jangle the airwaves once again. We had such fun a couple months ago talking about writing spiritual and healing memoirs, and today we’ll discuss similar subjects, along with how important craft is to helping our readers understand the worlds that we are opening to them.

Writing a memoir makes demands on us—it requires a process: how to get it done—and a structure—how will the story be revealed. And skills—what tools do writers need to have to help them translate memories into memoirs?

We’ll talk about it today. Join us!