Have you been thinking about the connection between the Olympics and writing? I have. I notice the spirit of determination, focus, and the willingness to fall down, fall off and get up to start again. Oh, and courage.

So…what does that have to do with writing?

Most of the problem with being able to write, to get started and to finish a book is in our heads! Makes sense, sure, you say. But wait—that means YOU can change your thoughts and habits, and create a new template of expected behavior. Instead of negative consequences you get to have a reward! And you need to endure the ups and downs, the journey of getting the “THE END.” And the Gold Medal–getting published.

That is a great REWARD for shifting your mindset: becoming a successful author and having a published book.

To obtain your reward you need to:

  1. Write every day for 15-30 minutes. Get in 300-500 words—a messy first draft. DO NOT keep going over the beginning again and again. Write forward into the unknown!
  2. Create a structure to unpack your story: List the most important moments of your life– 10 – 20 turning points that helped to shape your life.
  3. Write these turning points in any order—in your journal, your computer, or on a blog. Extra tip: when you think you have finished your story, write a little longer. You will discover parts of your story that needed to be discovered.
  4. Research your book — your home town, the times you lived in, and family ancestry. Research feeds your creative mind and reveals new stories.
  5. Read, read, read. There’s a Recommended Reading list at the National Association of Memoir Writers.
  6. Read like a writer—notice structure, whether or not you feel pulled along in the story. If you are stopped, look at how the writer fell down on the job of keeping you engaged.
  7. Write down your favorite phrases and pages in the books you enjoy.

8. Note the writer’s skill—or lack of it—in creating scenes, showing vs. telling, and creating an arc of the story.

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