How Coaching for Writers Works

When people are writing their first stories, it’s easy to get off track. Most writers need three things:

Support in sorting through what the story is about.

Feedback so they can develop their skills.

Knowledge about the writing world: writing skills, editing, revision, publishing and marketing.

Whether you have just the seed of an idea or are ready for feedback on your final draft, I can help you develop yourself as a successful author.

What is a Coaching Session?

A coaching session includes 1/2 hour reading and editing, and a 1/2 hour discussing your work by phone. During the week, you write your story, create an outline, or freewrite the raw draft of your work, and send it to me. I will read it and edit or comment according to the feedback you are looking for. We can discuss the structure of your story, your desired audience, and what will get you to your final draft. Sometimes you might need emotional support to get through writing tough passages that were painful for you.

I’m used to talking with people honestly about their lives–I have a therapy background and often it’s an emotional block that gets in the way of our writing. As the founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers, I’m passionate about memoir writing, and know that sometimes the writer needs to create a fictional version of a true story for ethical or emotional reasons. All this can be sorted out through coaching.  Your story is unique and it takes courage and skill to get it on the page. I look forward to learning about what you want to work on, and helping you meet your goals!

Contact me today for your complimentary strategy session. 

Policies and Procedures

  • I offer a complimentary strategy session for new clients. Email me or call me to reserve a time.
  • All sessions are by phone. If you live locally, we can arrange some face-to-face sessions.
  • I require prepayment for sessions, and 24 hours’ notice for cancellations. A session is one hour.
  • I honor a strict confidentiality policy. All client information, ideas, and materials remain within the confines of our sessions.

About Me

Linda Joy Myers

Linda Joy Myers is founder and President of the National Association of Memoir Writers, & Co-President of the Women’s National Book Association, SF. A national memoir speaker and coach, she’s  the author of The Power of Memoir—How to Write Your Healing Story ; a memoir Don’tCall Me Mother—A Daughter’s Journey from Abandonment to Forgiveness, and the new memoir workbook The Journey of Memoir: The Three Stages of Memoir Writing. She co-teaches the program Write your Memoir in Six Months with Brooke Warner, and offers teleseminars and workshops nationally.    


Find me:

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Memoir Mentoring, Coaching, and Editing

Memoir Writing Mentoring Package
with Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D.

In these six sessions, we work on the craft of writing a memoir, and talk about the process–emotionally and mentally–that is part of writing a long work. A session is 1/2 hour reading and commenting on your work using the edit program in Word, and  phone consultation. I offer homework assignments and deadlines. This kind of structure keeps you on track and gives you accountability. With accountability, you will get your writing done!


During the coaching process, we examine questions like these:

  • How do I get started?
  • Do I make an outline, or just start writing my memoir?
  • Will the book make sense to the outside reader?
  • Is it ready for an agent or publisher to read?
  • I have a feeling it needs some help, but I’m not sure what should be done.
  • Was I too hard or judgmental about certain people in my memoir?
  • Does a plot work in a memoir?
  • Will the reader think I’m feeling sorry for myself when I write about the dark stories in my life?
  • Can I change names in memoir and not call it fiction?
  • What about changing places, descriptions, and identifying information—is this still a memoir?
  • Can I write well enough to get published?
  • Grammar and spelling–I need help!


Contact Linda Joy at lindajoy at namw dot org with your inquiry about coaching  and editing services. The first 1/2 hour strategy planning session is FREE.

Click here to learn more about coaching with Linda Joy.

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Private coaching/mentoring at $125/hour

We meet on the phone or in person for personal consultation about your work. We will talk about what skills and support you need to do to create success for you as a writer and author.



$595.00 (Premier Coaching Package)





















$125.00 (1 hour)