Memoir Writers:

I want you to take a look at: Ashley Judd Speaks Out About Incest And Abuse In New Memoir.

She reveals details about herself that were not accepted or believed when she was a child. How often this happens! I hope memoirs like this can help to educate the public about the importance of listening to a child.

It sounds like Ashley has used writing her memoir to help to heal herself from her own repressed memories, as well as to let the world know that sexual abuse is real, that parents may not realize what kind of danger their daughters might be in if they are not watching. It is not about just pointing out blame or responsibility, this kind of book, like some of the others we have been talking about here on the blog, helps to bring awareness, we hope, especially when the author is famous. This is a celebrity memoir that might be delivering a lot of important information.

Are you interested in reading it? How does this review present the book different from the review discussed below? Even if you are not an abuse victim, would you read a book like this?