You may be in what I call the “Muddy Middle” of your memoir as you work your way through the stories, your turning points, the arc of your narrative, your plot, your memories and truths, but it’s not too soon to think of book promotion.

Let me tell you why:

  1. It’s a long journey from the beginning to the end of a memoir. In the meantime you need to eat, sleep, read, learn, and build your platform! Part of building it is learning about how the book world works.
  2. Platform building means understanding the world of networking, blogging, social media, and marketing. Not all at once, in bite sized, comfortable doses.
  3. Because we have a terrific guest this week for the NAMW Member Teleseminar: Sandra Beckwith.  She’s going to talk with us about The Reluctant Memoirist’s Guide to Book Promotion. Read her blog post here about book promotion.

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Read what Sandra says about marketing, promotion, and her presentation:

Writers tend not to want to market or promote, or they think they can’t. Getting “out there” and talking about your book can be downright painful for shy people or those who prefer to write, not talk. Then there are those who aren’t shy, but aren’t comfortable in situations where they’re the center of attention.

Still others are afraid they will be labeled as “shameless self-promoters.” Can you blame them? We’ve all seen shameless promoters . . . and they’re not attractive. We want them to go away and leave us alone. How can you overcome your reluctance to promote your book, regardless of your reason?

Discover how you can overcome the most common “I can’t do this” excuses and have a successful, rewarding book launch!

During “The reluctant memoirist’s guide to book promotion,” you will learn:

  • The most common excuses for avoiding book promotion
  • The single most important thing to remember about promoting your book
  • Where and how to start
  • How to find the process that works for you
  • 7 surefire promotional tactics for shy authors
  • How to find time to just do it

Sandra Beckwith is a former national award-winning publicist who now teaches authors how to be their own book publicists. She works as a book marketing coach, publishes the free Build Book Buzz e-zine, teaches an e-course on book publicity and promotion, and offers training programs designed to help authors learn the best ways to promote their books. The author of four books of her own, Sandra also ghostwrites and edits books and proposals.  Learn more at http://buildbookbuzz.com.

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