Becoming Whole by Linda Joy Myers

Becoming Whole by Linda Joy Myers

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Becoming Whole: Writing Your Healing Story is written by therapist and prize-winning author, Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D. Myers brings her expertise as a therapist and memoir coach to the page, offering solutions to everyone who wants to write her story. How much truth to tell, how to leave a legacy without upsetting the family, and how to keep writing despite the inner critic are discussed, with creative solutions offered. The new edition through Iaso Books has been reviewed by ForeWord Magazine and endorsed by the leading experts on writing as a healing tool, Dr. James Pennebaker, Dr. Joshua Smyth, Maureen Murdock, and Michele Weldon.

Find answers to the tough questions a memoir writer faces:

  • Will my family be angry at me?
  • What do I do about telling the truth?
  • How can I forgive and be forgiven?

Whether you suffer from an emotional problem or a physical disease such as asthma or arthritis, you can help yourself heal by following the guidelines and exercises in this book to unravel the complicated, sometimes daunting, yet exhilarating task of writing a memoir.

Learn How To:

  • Choose your stories and structure your memoir
  • Handle the secret stories that are the key to healing
  • Sort out the ethics of writing about your family
  • Use the power of writing to heal
  • Bring the people in your past to life with fictional techniques
  • Join the right writing group
  • Transform your life through memoir writing


“This must-read book offer writers the safety and encouragement they need to mine the depths of their souls and reclaim their lives” —Maureen Murdock, author of Unreliable Truth and The Heroine’s Journey

…in her wise, tender, and clear book, Linda Joy Myers models the kind of courage necessary to enlarge the creative spirit. Cultivating such courage makes both our writing and living more meaningful, vibrant, and free. — Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Ph.D., author of Write Where You Are and founder of Transformative Language Arts at Goddard College

ForeWord Magazine 2008 Book of the Year Award Finalist Employing unique techniques that have helped writers realize the wisdom and power of their personal stories, Becoming Whole offers specific guidelines to unravel the daunting and exhilarating task of writing a memoir. Myers helps writers find the secret stories, learn about family dynamics, and heal the past through truth telling and forgiveness. Memoir writing can be a path toward personal transformation. “Readers will find gentle guidance and encouragement here…” says ForeWord Magazine.

Using her remarkable expertise as a therapist, author, and writing instructor, Linda Joy Myers gently advises and inspires anyone who wishes to use writing as a healing tool. Becoming Whole is profoundly encouraging; I recommend this book for anyone who wants to experience resolution, solace, and catharsis through writing. –Michele Weldon, Assistant Professor of Journalism at Northwestern University, and author of Writing to Save Your Life

Becoming Whole by Linda Myers is a thoughtful and important book for people dealing with upheavals in their lives. In a fascinating mix of cutting edge research and ancient wisdom, Myers makes a compelling case for the power of words as a form of healing and growth. This is a smart and heartfelt book. —James W. Pennebaker, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, The University of Texas at Austin and author of Opening Up and Writing To Heal

In Becoming Whole, Linda Joy Myers writes with great compassion and joy about the changes she sees in her students as they write their healing stories. This must-read book offers writers the safety and encouragement they need to mine the depths of their souls and reclaim their lives. —Maureen Murdock, author of Unreliable Truth: On Memoir and Memory and The Heroine’s Journey: Woman’s Quest for Wholeness

Becoming Whole will give you a new perspective on the personal journey that is your life and serve as a healing, empowering guide as you explore the depth and breadth of your Self. —Susan Albert, author of Writing from Life: Telling Your Soul’s Story