I’m pleased to be offering a webinar with Writers Digest on How to Write a Memoir or Lifestory Oct. 21. This workshop will cover everything a memoir writer needs to know, from finding memories to creating a plot.

A successful memoir draws upon fictional tools such as scenes, interesting characters who grow and change, dialogue, and a hook that draws the reader into the writer’s world.

Most memoir writers don’t realize how important it is to have a story, to go beyond journaling and narration. Story gives shape and form to the chaos of “real life.”

In this dynamic memoir webinar, learn how to create a story, how to find your plot and theme, and find out how to paint the world of your memories during this workshop.

If you sign up for this week’s webinar, you receive a FREE download of my book thepowerofmemoir.com“>The Power of Memoir, and a free critique of your work. Join us this Thursday! 10 AM PDT.