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What Memoirists Worry About

Memoirists know that writing a memoir can be fraught with all kinds of doubts and silencing, from “I’m not that great a writer” to “what will the family say?” We worry about how much to put in, whether to frame scenes with dialogue or not, or if we should name the people we grew up with. We worry about these things whether they are legal issues or not. We worry about them even if we are starting a first draft that no one else will see but our writer buddies or coach. Let’s face it—we worry!

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Memories and Memoirs, Truth or Lies in Memoir

Beth Kephart and I in Conversation about Memoir

    Linda Joy Myers and Beth Kephart–in conversation about Truth, Life, Memoir, Remembering–and the magic of capturing a moment. This week at our National Association of Memoir Writers member teleseminar, Beth Kephart and I will continue a conversation in public that we have been having in bits and pieces through emails, phone conversations, and a five minute in-person meeting…

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Truth or Lie–National Association of Memoir Writers Free Teleconference October 21

  I’m so excited today! On October 21, I’m going to be hosting the Free Memoir Writing Telesummit over at The National Association of Memoir Writers. What an opportunity—to talk with these writers, teachers, authors, and bloggers who make such a difference in the creative nonfiction and literary world. You need to be there! Go right over the National Association of…

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Blog, Memories and Memoirs, Truth or Lies in Memoir

The Memoir Police

Okay, the challenge is on, though somewhat tongue in cheek. Ben Yagoda, author of The History ofMemoir, has created a way to measure the “truthiness” in published memoirs. He’s interviewed about his “truth” chart in the Christian Science Monitor.  You remember—“truthiness” was the term coined back during theJames Frey fray with Oprah about truth and lie in his memoir A…

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