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Memoirists — Get out the Photo Albums and Explore Family Memories

I advise memoir writers that the holidays is a good time to do some “research” about family stories. As you write your memoir you discover your memories through writing prompts and digging into your memories as best you can, but it’s amazing what immersing yourself in family can bring up. Being “at home” brings you into the family circle in two ways—as a family member and as a memoir writer.

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Imagining Mother | An Imaginary Memoir

 My mother Josephine, age 10, with the dark hair. She had lived with her great-grandmother since she was 6.   All of humanity has something in common: we were born to a mother. We might not know who she is/was, or we might have been blessed to be bathed in her love–however she might have shown that love. Perhaps we…

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