Linda JoyI would love to hear from you. Please contact me through this form and I’ll get back to you. Let me know if you are looking for consultation or want to make a comment about blog posts, classes, workshops, and other issues related to writing and memoir. If you are working on a project, I wish you well, but I can’t offer advice without knowing you and your work better. You can request a 20 minute free consultation to discuss the scope of your project and plan a coaching strategy. I can be reached here for speaking and interview inquiries as well.

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  1. Hi Linda,

    I wrote to you back in December about doing an interview with me on my Youtube channel – Writing Fun.

    I am still very interested in doing an interview with you.

    Thank you for your consideration,


    1. Author

      Thank you. I will try to find that email.

  2. Hi, LJ,
    I don’t have your email address – can’t find your card if I got it…this was a fabulous evening! So much to think about and remember and feelings! I kind of pooped out at the end. I have a fractured rib that was really starting to hurt.
    Thanks for a wonderful time!!! Julie

    1. Author

      Just sent you an email. LJM

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