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Writing Creative Nonfiction, Memoir, and Personal Essay–What are they?

This is the kind of conversation I’ve been having with people lately–“I’m writing memoir, I think it’s memoir, but someone else called it Creative Nonfiction. But then I read about personal essays. I’m confused.” Yes, indeed labels are confusing. In my research for my new book Truth or Lie, I found myself doing a lot of reading about Creative Nonfiction…

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Audio Interview on Today’s World Blog Talk Radio Show Focuses on Writing a Memoir to Heal

I was recently interviewed by Laurie Sanders, host of Today’s World blog talk radio program and veteran radio DJ with KOIT in San Francisco. We discussed the topic of how writing helps to heal and about the special things that memoir writers need to know. Enjoy the interview and let me know your thoughts by posting a comment below. I…

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