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The Writing Olympics

I felt an aha as I watched skaters lift and soar and skiers fly. As writers we create an alternate world beyond our day to day existence, imaginative spaces where something called Story lives and breathes and takes us away from gravity into another realm. Where magic happens, people are inspired to live differently, to love differently. Where people forgive decades long wounds, where hope is forged—through Story.

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Memoirists — Get out the Photo Albums and Explore Family Memories

I advise memoir writers that the holidays is a good time to do some “research” about family stories. As you write your memoir you discover your memories through writing prompts and digging into your memories as best you can, but it’s amazing what immersing yourself in family can bring up. Being “at home” brings you into the family circle in two ways—as a family member and as a memoir writer.

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Facing the Truth

Facing the Truth as You Write Your Memoir
In my coaching, writers tell me they are afraid the past will come rushing out without permission–and soon find out that what they intend to write is not always what emerges. Sometimes our writing takes us past the barred gates unwelcome memories come rushing out. How can we cope with new knowledge? How can we face our truths, no matter how unwanted?

I didn’t want to know what that small voice murmuring in my left ear had to tell me. I’d noticed it for several months, the sense there was something dark waiting that I needed to discover about me…

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Write a Healing Memoir/Spiritual Autobiography Workshop | Winter 2014

A new workshop Writing a Healing Memoir/Spiritual Autobiography starts in January taught by Linda Joy Myers, president of the National Association of Memoir Writers.
In this workshop, we silence the noise of everyday life and dig into memories, tune into writing our stories, and learn the skills needed to write a satisfying memoir—to get all the way to “The End.” This is a process writing workshop, where digging into your memories, finding the threads of what you remember and writing into what you need to say or explore is what it’s all about.

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4 Week Workshop Eat, Pray Love: What Made Eat, Pray, Love a Bestseller | Brooke Warner and Linda Joy Myers

The Formulaic Memoir: What Made Eat, Pray, Love a Bestseller–a course taught by Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner
Eat, Pray, Love is a formulaic memoir that works. In this class you will learn the skills Gilbert brings to this classic bestselling memoir, and discover for yourself how to make your own memoir shine by employing these craft techniques into your own writing.